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I Have a Magic Ball

‘Grab a ball that’s boring, find a ball that’s plain, please grab a ball so you can play this game …’ With its beautiful illustrations, descriptive language and clever use of rhyme, children will be invited to imagine, interact and engage with the magic ball as it transforms from page to page. This book encourages interaction, so grab a ball, say the magic words and pass the ball as you turn each page to watch it turn to something strange.
Author: Nisrine is a speech pathologist working in Sydney, Australia, and, as a tri-lingual child, she was able to enjoy stories in French, Arabic and English. Nisrine has always believed that when children enjoy interactions with books, they will be motivated to learn language. Nisrine has worked with families and preschool educators to encourage all children to interact and connect with language in books and learn about the world. The vision behind I Have a Magic Ball was that it could be read with groups of children and with children who may not engage with books just by sitting and listening. Nisrine wanted to create a story that comes to life, allows children to imagine and interact by throwing, catching and passing a ball while they read this story. You can find her on Instagram @talkingtriumphs and Facebook The Magic Ball Book Project. Illustrator: Amy has loved to draw from a young age and often made up games based around drawing to entertain her younger brother and cousins. Her artistic talent was noticed and then accepted into fashion and textile design in high school, and later at TAFE. When she became a mother, she fell in love with picture book illustration and realised what her true potential could be. Amy has developed a few distinct styles and is always playing with new techniques to expand her repertoire. When she’s not doing her favourite thing (illustrating picture books), she’s badly roller-skating or attempting a handstand while her kids whizz around her at great speed. You can find her on Instagram @amygorgeousness.
* The use of descriptive language, rhyme and repetition, coupled with colourful illustrations, develops vocabulary and a sense of playfulness with language. * Aims to encourage interaction, turn-taking and engagement. Children don’t need to be seated and it is encouraged that you grab a ball and throw it as the pages are turned. Each child will anticipate the next ball to catch and will have an experience with language and imagination as they carry a new ball. * A book that can turn into a game. Children will be encouraged to imagine, pretend and improvise beyond book reading. The possibilities are endless.

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