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Stretch McCoy And The Timeless Cube

12-year-old Stretch McCoy has been having dreams, strange dreams, dreams within dreams. Could it all be part of the odd adventure he had just had? An adventure caused by the weird ‘woo woo’ machine invented by his grumpy old neighbour, Mr Petrovich. A machine which took you to other possible lives and to the world of TimePlay created by nasty Dr Coppa.
Author: Sue is an English/Australian author and freelance writer, currently residing in South Australia, In addition to her current publications through Little Steps, previous works include a radio play ‘Over Shoes’ produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2007, and lyrics for albums ‘A Love Divine’, ‘Hard Working Man Blues’, ‘A Sense of Place’ and ‘The Thrill’ all by Keith Hall Blues Band. She loves collaborating with other artists and jointly bringing an idea to life. Illustrator: Matt is a freelance British illustrator, specialising in character design for animation ans children’s illustration. He has worked on multiple animation projects, including movies and cartoon TV shows. He spent much of his childhood covering the living room floor in crayon drawings of mermaids and sea creatures. Matt’s work focuses on colour and shape, imperfections adding to a hand drawn quality to his digital art. You can find him at :
* An adventurous and exciting way to engage with scientific concepts. * The quirky main character will enthral young readers with a love for music and time travel. * Fun black and white Illustrations to aid visualisation.

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