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The Village

Supporting young families through cancer
  • ISBN-13: 9781922358981
  • Publisher: LITTLE STEPS
  • Author: Katrina Lau Hammond and Illust. by Krista Brennan
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  • Local release date: 13/08/2021
  • Format: Paperback (275.00mm X 240.00mm) 36 pages Weight: 240g
  • Categories: Picture books [YBC]Picture storybooks [YBCS]Children's, Teenage & educational [Y]Picture books, activity books, early learning [YB]
Charlie’s mum isn’t feeling so well, yet people keep visiting their home. As he learns about his mum’s cancer treatments and sees how people gather around to help out, he begins to understand what it means to have a ‘village’.
Author: Katrina Lau Hammond is a mum to a seven-year-old perfectionist and a strong-willed five-year-old. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 34 years old when her youngest child was still a baby. She searched around for resources to help explain cancer to her then three-year-old, but couldn’t find anything that quite fit the bill. So, with her lived experience, she decided to write her own. Katrina was diagnosed with another breast cancer on the other side seven months later. This gave her even further insight into the impact of cancer treatment on her family, and how a village of friends and family gathered around to support them. She is currently living with metastatic breast cancer, and in between the balance of ongoing treatment, tests, surgeries and child-rearing, Katrina has written a picture book for those bright young minds whose parents have unfortunately received a recent diagnosis. You can find her on Instagram @katrina_v2.0 and @klauhammond. Website: Illustrator: Krista is a freelance illustrator, fine artist and art teacher who lives in Sydney with her partner and mischievous cat. She primarily uses traditional methods for her art, including watercolour, ink and oils. Krista’s art has been featured in books, card games, exhibitions and competitions, but most of all, she enjoys using her pictures to tell stories.
* The informative, sensitive and age-appropriate story is told from the perspective of the child, and gently reassures the child reader. * Describes contemporary cancer treatments and therapies, and introduces children to the specialists who help care for cancer patients. * Touching watercolour illustrations capture the emotion and delicacy of the situation. * Extra resources available on * Net proceeds from the book sales will go towards the cancer charity Cure Cancer.

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