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The Inner History of the Kelly Gang

It is Mr Kenneally’s claim that no unpartisan history of the Kelly episode has hitherto been published. In his opinion the Kellys were badly treated and their bushranging crimes were the result of unjust persecution on the part of the police. Reading his book, it must be admitted that he makes a strong case. Most of his evidence is drawn from official sources – police evidence – showing the conduct of the constables and their immediate superiors in a very poor light. His facts are ably presented, and the book is well illustrated with portraits of some of the chief actors and scenes from the surrounding country. The Melbourne Herald, 1929. I have read your book with a great deal of satisfaction, and I must congratulate you on having rendered a great service in the cause of Truth and Justice… You are the only author who has the courage to do justice to the Kelly Gang; you have liberated the truth, so long supressed, regarding the policy and administration of the police; through your book the people of Australia are now in full possession of the truth… Jim Kelly, Eleven Mile Creek, Glenrowan West, 1930
* Highly regarded insider's view of the Kelly Episode. * Out of print for 40 years, fully illustrated.
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