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The Passion for Aussie-Built Cars

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The motor industry in Australia is more diverse than many of us realise. Even the British Motor Corporation (BMC) had a brief crack at breaking into the Aussie market. This book looks at 50-odd individual cars that have been carefully restored and maintained here in Australia, covering a wide range of types and models. They are not all purely 100% Australian born, but they are all models or variations that were only originally available in the Aussie and New Zealand markets. Sadly, the Australian motor industry is no more, with no cars being assembled in any shape or form. This book takes us back in time to when cars and commercial vehicles were being successfully produced in Australia - and sometimes assembled in New Zealand.

Steve Reid is the author of a number of popular motoring books, including Veteran Cars: Amazing New Zealand Collections, and its companion volumes Kiwi Vintage Car Collections and Vintage Trucks and Commercials: Kiwi Collections. Steve is also a regular contributor to Classic Car magazine, and lives in Blenheim, New Zealand.

Introduction Arty’s 1955 Vauxhall Velox EBP Ute Barry O’s 1960 Ford Zephyr Station Wagon Barry R’s 1953 Vauxhall Velox Vagabond Bill and Collene’s 1937 Oldsmobile 1-Ton Utility Truck Bill and Collene’s 1939 Oldsmobile Sports Roadster Bob’s 1973 Leyland P76 Brian’s 1977 Holden Torana LX Chris and Charil’s 1951 Vauxhall LBX Wyvern Caleche Colin’s 1972 Morris Kimberley Con’s 1941 Ford Deluxe Coupe Ute Craig’s 1971 Holden Kingswood HQ Curtis’s 1978 Holden HZ Ute Darren’s 1956 Vauxhall Velox EBP Ute Dave’s 1974 Leyland P76 Force 7V Francis’s 1972 Holden LJ Torana GTRU-1 Fred’s 1938 Ford Standard Coupe Ute and Panel Van Garry’s 1939 Bedford HC Ute Gavin’s 1934 Ford Model Y 19R Roadster Gayle’s 1974 Ford Cortina TC Wagon Geoff and Kay’s 1964 EH and 1955 FJ Holdens Greg’s Leyland P76s Ivan’s 1959 Ford Zephyr Mk2 Wagon Jai’s 1971 Holden Belmont HQ Panel Van Jim’s 1956 Ford Mainline Ute Joel’s 1976 Holden HX 50th Anniversary Sedan John and Lynne’s 1958 Ford Zephyr Mk2 Ute John’s 1949 Ford Anglia Tourer and 1949 Ford Prefect Ute Keith’s 1971 Chrysler Valiant VH Charger 770 Kerry’s 1964 Holden EH Special Lawry’s 1956 and 1957 Ford Mainline Utes and 1956 Holden FE Sedan Neville’s 1974 Leyland P76 Targas Norman’s 1937 and 1939 Vauxhall GY25 sedans Owen’s 1956 Ford Mainline Ute Peter’s 1978 Ford Cortina TE Phil’s 1940 Ford Coupe Ute Raymond and Janine’s 1966 Ford Falcon P Hardtop Deluxe Ray’s 1961 Ford Zephyr Mk2 Divisional Van Rex’s 1970 Ford Fairmont W Station Wagon Richard’s 1984 Holden Commodore VK SS Brock HDT and 1978 Holden HZ Sandman Panel Van Rich’s 1973 Chrysler by Chrysler and Murray’s 1974 Chrysler Valiant Regal 770 Rod’s 1936 Chevrolet Sloper Roger’s 1955 Vauxhall Velox EBP Ute Roy’s 1974 Leyland P76 and 1970 Chrysler Valiant VF Hardtop Roy’s Mini Clubman GT Collection Ryan’s 1986 Holden Commodore VK Royale Saul’s 1994 Ford Falcon G Panel Van Scot’s 1961 Ford Falcon K Deluxe Station Wagon Shane’s 1996 Holden VS SS Commodore WGR Stace’s 1971 Chrysler Valiant VH R/T E37 and R/T E38 Coupes Sue’s 1958 Ford Zephyr Mk2 Ute Symon’s 1972 International C1200 Tray-back

* New title in the popular Passion for… series. * Highly illustrated, features 50 vehicles that have been lovingly restored. * Only models or variants available in Australia or NZ are included. Publicity: * Pre-Xmas press releases to all Auto publications. * Promotional material available on request.

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