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What's That? Australian Mammals (HB)

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This What's That? title features Myke Mollard's vibrant cinematic drawings of a wide range of Australian mammals. And it's jampacked with fascinating facts! From engineering echidnas to boisterous bandicoots, quirky quolls, diligent dingoes, whopping whales and distinctive dugongs — children will discover why wild nature is our most precious resource. Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world. Let’s listen to what nature is telling us.
Myke Mollard is a children’s educator, illustrator, author and designer – just some of his creative talents. He began his career in graphic design, branding management and producing commercials for TV. He later found outlets for his passion for educating kids about the world around them,  informing and entertaining them in the classroom and online, and via his superbly illustrated books. His book An A-Z of Australian Bush Creatures has sold 85,000 copies and counting. His other books include Australian Dinosaurs and Mega Beasts and Australian Backyard Birds.
What's that Mammal? Engineering Echidnas Playful Platypus Kissable Koalas Burrowing Bilbies and Nimble Numbats Terrifying Tasmanian Devils and Threatened Thylacines Meek Marsupial Moles and Wise Wombats Kick-boxing Kangaroos Wadlu-Waru Walleroos, Wee Wallabies and Trapezing Tree Kangaroos Pretty Pygmy Possums and Bloodcurdling Brushtail Possums Heartwarming Honey Possums and Rebellious Ringtail Possums Busy Brushtail Bettongs and Quirky Quokkas Powerful Pademelond and Swinging Sugar Gliders Diligent Dingoes Belly-buttoned Bats and Ratty Rodents Agile Australian Fur Seals and Singular Sea Lions Whopping Whales and Delightful Dolphins Distinctive Dugongs
* New title from the author and illustrator of the A-Z of Australian Bush Creatures. * Full of fascinating facts and vibrant illustrations. * Available in hardback and paperback. Publicity: * Extensive PR campaign, utilising author/illustrator and conservationist Myke Mollard. * Visually appealing as a book-set on shelf. * Attractive posters, colouring-in sheets, bookmarks and other promotional material available.

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