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You Rock My World

When you tell me you love me, I’m over the moon. When you like what I do, I can reach for the stars. This heartwarming and vibrantly illustrated story is a love letter from a child, written almost entirely in idioms, to someone who means the world to them. An idiom is a phrase whose individual words have little or no logical link to its actual accepted meaning. The English language is rich in idioms, and it can be very difficult for children to wrap their heads around them. This book is an extremely engaging and memorable way for children to learn all about idioms and some of the more common examples.
Judith Barker is an English teacher and when she is not writing children’s stories or plays, she teaches music therapy and meditation. While researching a masters in phonology, Judith began to use visual language in stories, by colouring the different phonemes, so that children could make sense of various spelling patterns. Her first children’s book, The OO in Uluru , was published in 2019 and five books that series have followed. As a child, Chelsea Young was constantly in trouble for drawing all over her books or sketching things on random pieces of paper during school time. Illustration has always been her passion and Chelsea’s more recent work has involved artworks relating to Dungeons and Dragons , inventing characters and campaigns in collaboration with like-minded friends. Chelsea brings a fresh style to children’s book illustration.
* Provides support material that ties in with the Australian Curriculum emphasis on studying idioms. * The marriage of text and illustration encourages children to think laterally. * Fresh illustrations will engage children and support development of their visual literacy skills. Publicity: * Press releases to major metropolitan newspapers and targeted childrens/education publications. * Posters and other point of sale materaial available on request. * Nomincations planned for numerous book awards.

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