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The Dictionary of Woke

How Orwellian Language Control and Group Think are Destroying WesternSocieties
In these Orwellian times of language control and group think destroying free speech, rational thought and independent judgment it’s time to strike a blow for rationality and reason and defend what is best in Western civilisation. Not a week goes by without yet another example of books being banned, ideas being censored, the past being rewritten, statues being demolished and authors and academics being vilified and publicly shamed. Now rebadged as being ‘woke’, political correctness represents an existential threat to Western societies including concepts like rationality and reason, freedom of expression and religious freedom. We have entered an Orwellian world like 1984 where Big Brother and the Party control how citizens think and where anyone who questions the thought police is victimised, punished and silenced. The Dictionary of Woke contains 365 woke words and expressions with definitions, plus chapters on the dangers and origins of wokeness and what can be done to counter this language and mind control and group think. From A is for Ableism and Alt-right to Z for Ze and Zie—this is the only dictionary you’ll need to navigate this Brave New World of political correctness and know all the words and terms to fight the woke invasion.
Since first warning about the dangers of political correctness during the mid-1990s Dr Kevin Donnelly has established a reputation as one of Australia’s leading conservative commentators and authors fighting against politically correct group think and language control that are undermining Western societies and stifling free and open debate.He is the author of How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia, How Political Correctness is Destroying Education, How Political Correctness is Still Destroying Australia, Christianity is Good For Us, and is the editor of Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March and Christianity Matters.
* An informative and at times amusing read for those interested in current affairs, politics, the rise of wokeness and how Western society’s way of life is being destroyed by cultural-left ideology and political correctness. Readers will be made aware of the dangers of thoughtcrime and how to avoid being targeted. * An A–Z dictionary of words and phrases with definitions as well as chapters expanding on the rise and impact of wokeness across Western socieities, with Australia as a case study. It also details the origins of political correctness and how it is inspired by cultural Marxism and critical theory. Dr Kevin Donnelly is one of Australia’s leading conservative commentators and authors, his latest book follows the success of How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia and Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March, among other titles. * What exactly is a reverse ferret or sad fishing? What new terms have been invented for our modern ‘woke’ condition—do you experience eco-anxiety or find yourself doomscrolling? How has political correctness affected the use of words such as citizenship, fillies, and even the humble Australian Esky? Discover all this and more. * Foreword by Chris Kenny, commentator and Host, The Kenny Report (Sky News Australia). Publicity: * Coverage in mainstream media including TV (Sky News Australia) and national radio including 2GB and 3AW, Newsweekly, Quadrant and Spectator Australia.
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