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Zelensky: The Frontline President


The message from the free world to Russian President Putin has always been clear: Leave Ukraine alone... get out! What Russia thought would be a three-day hit-and-run mission to oust the Ukraine government of Volodymyr Zelensky was an abject failure. The Russians even took with them their dress uniforms ready for a victory parade in Kyiv and booked ahead for restaurants for their celebrations. But Russia hadn’t reckoned on the Zelensky factor in Ukraine. Approaching the third year of conflict, President Putin is still struggling to overrun his determined neighbour. The cost of the conflict, both in human and material terms, has been staggering. In this gripping new update of the bestseller, Zelensky: Frontline President, Andrew L. Urban and Chris McLeod examines what went wrong for Putin, how Zelensky convinced the free world to back him and how a “special military operation” is actually an all-out war with an unpredictable outcome.

Andew L Urban is an author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker, fled Hungary as a child during the 1956 revolution, eventually settling in Australia. He has written for many publications and has authored investigative books on wrongful convictions. His most recent works include Gladys, Climate Alarm Reality and The Exoneration Papers: Sue-Neill Fraser.
Chris McLeod is an Australian author and former newspaper journalist and executive. He was News Editor at the Melbourne Herald and held a variety of editorial executive positions on daily newspapers in in NSW and Victoria. He is an author and researcher for with an interest in sport, military, transport and mystery. He is the co-author of Barty: Arise, Queen of Oz (2022) and Zelensky (2022).

* A new and updated version of the 2022 bestseller.
* Includes key new insights including Russia’s premature victory plans, the staggering cost of the war in its three-year run and how Zelensky convinced the free world to back him and his people against the Russians.

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