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The Fortune Tellers

Insights Into Building Wealth

After 25 years of one-on-one interviews with Australia’s preeminent business leaders, Damon Kitney knows how to tell the stories of our fortune makers. The Fortune Tellers sets out 32 personal stories of wealth building – sometimes warts and all – the wins, the losses and the lessons learned. The book features insights from a who’s who of Australia’s business community including David Hains, Warren Anderson, Carol and Alan Schwartz and Jennifer Nason. 

Damon Kitney in his own words, was born with newspaper ink in his veins. Son of a pre-eminent Canberra Press Gallery journalist, Damon has spent nearly three decades in journalism including 16 years at The Australian Financial Review. He has been with The Australian since 2010 and writes a column in The Weekend Australian where he shares the stories, insights and wisdom of Australia’s top business leaders. Damon is so skilled in gaining the trust of our most successful (and often private) leaders that he had exclusive access to James Packer to tell his amazing personal story in The Price of Fortune: The Untold Story of Being James Packer (2018).

* A carefully curated collection of insights from Damon Kitney’s 25 years interviewing Australia’s wealth creators.
* 32 previously untold, gripping stories of what it takes to make – and sometimes lose – a fortune.
* Well-known patriarchs and matriarchs like Kerry Stokes, Paula Fox and Frank and Shirley Costa share not so wellknown life lessons and very personal stories. 
* Damon provides his own reflections on sitting down one to one and gaining the trust of some of our most successful Australians.
* Damon will utilise his strong media and business connections in promoting the book.
* Events featuring some of the book’s ‘interviewees’ are being planned for late 2023/ early 2024.

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