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The Bonobo Gene

Why Men Can Be So Dumb
Men...can’t live with them...can’t live without them. Informative and hilarious, The Bonobo Gene includes research from ancient Greece and Rome through to Hollywood, the world’s sporting fields, rock ‘n’ roll stadiums, as well as personal stories from the author, his mates and colleagues. In deep diving on men and the male appendage, the books balances both the funny and the serious. Steve provides insights on some of our sporting heroes and rock gods, toxic masculinity, #Metoo, the Hollywood casting couch. “I learnt a lot and laughed a lot.” - Jane Kennedy, Working Dog “A literary tour de force. I commend Steve and the other eleven chimpanzees who wrote it”. - Trevor Marmalade, Writer & Comedian “I’m just glad I’m not in it.” - Dermott Brereton, Australian football legend
The stories Steve Marshall can and will tell you. A veteran media performer and creator, Steve has worked with some of the biggest names in Australian entertainment and the sporting world. He has worked as a producer on a host of hit shows across TV and radio- Sale of the Century, The Grill Team, The Footy Show - to name just a few. Steve has done it all. The Bonobo Gene is his first book but it very much draws on his wealth experience in the entertainment industry over the last few decades. Steve isn’t afraid to share his bonobo gene moments and have a laugh in the process.
* Q: What is the Bonobo Gene? A: A theory linking men’s propensity for dumb (aka funny) behavior to a breed of African apes. * Sharing 98% DNA with a sex and violence-crazed primate might be a bit of a stretch...but in this laugh-out-loud, intriguing and informative new release, Steve Marshall makes that link. He then backs it up with examples, anecdotes, quotes, tall stories and even a Blokes’ Hall of Shame. * Steve Marshall is well-placed to take readers on this funny yet informative deep-dive into the male brain. Steve has lived and seen it all as a script writer, TV producer, radio performer, podcaster, small business owner, husband and dad. * Like men themselves, The Bonobo Gene is a book that has evolved over time. It s the culmination of two years of research with academics, sports stars, entertainers, business people, friends and family of all ages. The book’s chapters explore different theories and ideas seeking to explain why men are the way they are. Steve canvasses the scientific, the academic and the just plain funny. Publicity: * In coming months, Steve will utilise his strong networks across national and international media to promote the book, including interviews on network radio and TV. Plus Bonobo Gene live and online stories - where Steve will bring people together to share sometimes dumb, sometimes funny, sometimes brilliant, but always funny stories.
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