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Lucy to the Rescue

Lucy has a busy day ahead! Solving problems and helping her friends, its Lucy to the rescue!
Carley Browne is an Australian children’s author with a background in marketing. She is the mother of two amazing little girls who inspire many of her stories. Carley has a passion for storytelling and loves to create enchanting and creative narratives that will ignite the imaginations of young readers everywhere. Lucy to the Rescue was inspired by Carley’s first daughter who has a beautiful imagination and also wants to be a firefighter. You can find Carley on Instagram @carleybrowneauthor. Website: Illustrator: Kayla Lee is an Adelaide based artist and designer. With a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design, she embraces all art mediums to produce her works, however, she has a particular attraction to watercolour and digital art. Kayla has worked in various creative roles such as a digital graphic retoucher, photographer, graphic designer, illustrator and commissioned artist. Furthering her studies with a Master of Teaching, Kayla now teaches concept art and design to school students. She enjoys working with young artists encouraging them to explore and develop their skills. You can find her at @kkaylalee on Instagram.
* Being brave. * Using your creativity. * Adventure.

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