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Learn Your Way to Happy (English Edition)

There’s so much to discover as you learn your way to happy! Explore all the ways your curiosity can bring you joy in ‘Learn your way to happy’!
Author: Bernie has a background in community service roles including law, health and aviation. Bernie is originally from Sydney, Australia and is presently living in Brisbane. She has also lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Salt Lake City, USA, and has a strong affinity for different cultures. Bernie has a strong interest in positive psychology, the benefits of continued learning and persistence, and the correlation between achievement and happiness in life. This book is a sequel to her first book, Smile your way to happy. Illustrator: Valery is an animator born in Poland, who spent most of her time in Russia, before moving to Indonesia. She enjoys drawing sweet and tender moments, especially in children’s illustrations. Through her artwork, she wishes to draw attention to the good moments in life: joy, love, care, friendship, loyalty. Valery’s dream is for every child to have a place where they can be themselves and have freedom of imagination.
* A sweet and enchanting tale that encourages children to learn. * Illustrations represent many different children and promote diversity. * Focuses on the positive and inquisitive psychology of children. * Cute, bright and colourful l illustrations by talented illustrator, Valery Vell.

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