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Happy Gut, Healthy Gut


Join Bella, Oli and Gabby as they go on a fun and crazy adventure into their daddy’s tummy – yes, his tummy! There they meet Eddie Immune and his many friends, learning all about gut health along the way.

Justine is a wife and mother to three adventurous and awesome children. Justine has walked the gut healing journey herself, helping her children heal from food intolerances, eczema and anxiety. She wrote ‘Happy Gut Healthy Gut’ to help her children understand why diet is so important to gut health and how a healthy gut leads to a happy gut and a healthy body. Justine is a nutritionist, a GAPS practitioner, and a certified instructor for The Children’s Health Program, a national nutritional education program for schools. She can be found at
Annie is a mum, a musician and a freelance illustrator. She works in a variety of mediums, including traditional and digital, creating bright and whimsical illustrations for both books and products. Annie has worked extensively for clients such as Simon & Schuster, Ladybird Books, National Geographic, Hallmark and American Greetings. When not drawing for work, she can be found drawing. She can be found at

* An introduction to the gut biome
* An introdcution to the digestive tract
* The relationship between good food and good health

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