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Lillipit the Kangaroo (PB)

When Alyce moves to her new home on the Macedon Ranges, she’s not sure she’s going to like it there. But a magical encounter with Lillipit the kangaroo sets her mind at ease. Join Alyce and Lillipit on their first adventure!
Sarah Bellman is a first-time author, but a life-long storyteller, business leader and engineer. Growing up on a small cattle farm in South Australia, Sarah has always had a passion for challenging the status quo and immersing herself into the wonders of the world. Sarah found herself storytelling more than ever before throughout the COVID lockdowns in Victoria, creating avenues of peace, adventure and excitement through imagination and connections with nature. This led Sarah to write down her children’s favorite story, “Lillipit The Kangaroo”, a tale about a young child who makes friends with a kind Kangaroo; sparking the connection and comfort with nature, building awareness and respect for the environment and highlighting the many adventures that can be had in the bushlands. Illustrator: Drawing medium, but digital, watercolours and oils are her particular favourites. Krista has always loved children’s illustrations, and it was one of her earliest ambitions to illustrate books herself. She has now illustrated numerous picture books and games, and has had artworks in major exhibitions and competitions. As someone growing up with ADHD, Krista has always had a noisy mind, brimming with pictures and stories. It makes her so happy that she can now put them in books and share them with others.
* Bushland adventures. * Connecting with nature. * Enviromental awareness.

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