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Buffalemu (HB)

Aggie the emu is feeling down. Tall and strange looking, she doesn’t look much like the other birds in the Outback. She’s convinced herself life would be better if she had four legs rather than two – and was as powerful as a Buffalo … maybe she could be a Buffalemu? Her friends aren’t so sure. But like all of life’s challenges – this one will only be solved with a good think, a good talk, and a walk.
Paul is a Melbourne based author of The Buffalemu, lover of great story telling, and part time business professional. In an unusual career, he has worked as a seafaring navigator, university lecturer, cocktail bar piano player, and business supply chain manager. He has talked at conferences in multiple countries about various quirky subjects that seem more complicated than they should be. He loves engaging with and helping people, and has been involved in community organisations as coach, club administrator, and counsellor. He and his wife Deborah now look forward to reading The Buffalemu and other books to their grandchildren (which they hope will be soon – hint, hint). In the meantime, will read to any other grandchildren if asked nicely! Illustrator: Nandina has been drawing and colouring since she could first hold a pencil, around age 3. As a young person, Nandina was very precious about her colouring books and hardly ever allowed her friends to colour in the pictures. One time, Nandina’s friend coloured in a picture of a rabbit green. Nandina was horrified. Rabbits aren’t green! When Nandina grew up, she realised that rabbits can be any colour you want them to be. Rabbits can be green, Hippos can be purple and Elephants can be pink! In fact, making animals different colours can be lots of fun and add a different meaning to a story. Nandina wrote and illustrated her first children’s book at age 8, she folded the pages and stapled the paper to make a book. Ever since she has dreamed of illustrating children’s picture books. Nandina studied to become a Graphic Designer and worked happily in this career for many years but she always daydreamed of illustrating for children. One day, the universe shut the door on Nandina’s career as a graphic designer and opened a new door into the world of children’s picture book illustrations. Nandina has since illustrated books on nearly anything you can think of, from cute, fuzzy critters who care for the environment and mean monsters who want to destroy it. She has illustrated books on the ravens of London Tower, blind bower birds, a lost kangaroo joey, African Pangolins and young dinosaurs who have to have their tonsils taken out in hospital plus many more exciting and loveable children’s stories including this one that you are about to read.
* Australian characters. * Rhyming book set in the Outback. * Supporting audiobook via author website.

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