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Deadly Science - Wild Weather - Book 2 2/e


Extreme weather events, from bushfires to floods, and sudden geological changes, from earthquakes to tsunamis, have an enormous impact on our planet. In this book, students investigate different examples of extreme weather, focusing on examples from around Australia, and learn how these events affect living and non-living aspects of the environment. Students will investigate the past, learning how Indigenous Australians have recorded and documented geological events, and also look to the future, focusing on how science is giving us better understanding of weather patterns and events, and new tools for managing natural disasters.

* Eight-part series covering engaging science topics, including extreme weather events and their impact on the world. * Developed in partnership with 2020 NSW Young Australian of the Year, Corey Tutt, and Deadly Science. * Inspires primary-aged readers to ask questions, experiment and learn about how scientific principles impact the way we live. * Teaches scientific principles with a key focus on Indigenous knowledge and wisdom. * Introduces children to a uniquely Australian understanding of the world around us. Publicity: * Promotion on AG website. * Advertising in AG journal.
* Previous Edition ISBN: 9781922388162.

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