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    Sydney for Dogs 4/e


    Although Sydney is very well provided with parks, bushland, beaches and open spaces, a great deal of this – including all National Parks and virtually all beaches – is off-limits to our four-legged friends, even when leashed. Gathering information on where and when dogs can be taken and walked has been notoriously (amongst dog owners) time-consuming, and so most Sydneysiders and Sydney visitors restrict their dog walking and playing to a very few favourite local spots. Local author and dog lover Catherine Proctor gathers all that information into a single, compact and very popular book – now in its 4th edition. Now dog-owners can choose from a wide variety of dog-friendly areas right across Sydney, and ensure that their dog can be a part of even more family outings!

    Catherine Proctor is a freelance author and editor who has lived on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for over 20 years. She is the author of several books and is co-author of two other books for Woodslane: Sydney’s Best Picnic Spots, Parks & Reserves and Sydney’s Best Beaches & Rock Baths. Catherine took up the challenge of writing this book while simultaneously recruiting an essential new part of the family to ‘help’ with research!

    • Location maps
    • Introduction
    • Places: City and Inner West
    • Places: Northern Beaches
    • Places: North and Northwest
    • Places: Western Suburbs
    • Places: Eastern Suburbs
    • Places: Southern Suburbs
    • Annual dog days out and events in Sydney
    • Dog-friendly places to stay in Sydney
    • Off-leash places to swim in Sydney
    • The Companion Animals Act
    • Map symbols
    • Fourth edition of Sydney’s bestselling recreational companion guide for dog lovers
    • Part of Australia’s best-selling walking guide series with over 20 titles and nearly 200,000 copies in print
    • Features walks, parks, beaches, lakes – and even cafes!
    • Special bonus sections on doggie events and places to stay for visiting dogs
    • Includes colour maps, photos and detailed walk/park notes

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