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    Pregnancy: the Naked Truth (Aus Ed)

    The truth about being pregnant

    Pregnancy: the naked truth is a refreshing alternative to the medical pregnancy tomes. It is down-to-earth, funny and honest, guiding women through each stage of pregnancy in a practical and reassuring way. It deals with issues other books may avoid, and answers questions youd want to ask your best friend: I got drunk before I knew - is my baby ok? Whats an episiotomy? Are piles inevitable? Can I still have sex when Im huge? And will I enjoy it?! Aimed at `modern girls - women who may be concerned about the effect of a baby on their lifestyle, bodies and careers, as well as excited about the next step in their lives - the book supports you through your pregnancy journey. Content has been adapted for Australian mothers. 

    Anya Hayes is a writer and Pilates teacher specialising is all things pregnancy and post-natal. She lives in south London and has two young children. Hollie Smith is also a mum of two as a well as a journalist and parenting author. 

    1 You’re pregnant! What now? 3
    The biggest secret you’ll ever keep? 3
    Early symptoms 5
    Getting used to being pregnant 7
    Working out D-day 8
    Your antenatal care 9
    Scans and screening 13
    The honest truth about drink and drugs 20
    Signing up for antenatal classes 21
    Where are you going to have the baby? 23
    Going it alone 23
    And the good news about being pregnant is … 24 
    2 Sick and tired: The joys of pregnancy 25
    Ailments and symptoms – horror stories or facts? 25
    First trimester 27
    Second trimester 51
    Third trimester 57
    When to get help quickly 65
    Your baby bump 68
    Styling your bump 70
    3 Womb with a view: Your baby’s growth 73
    Here’s the science bit 73
    How your baby grows, fortnight by fortnight 74

    4 Care instructions: Eating, drinking, and other potentially
    ‘dangerous’ activities 86
    Adapt your life, don’t ditch it! 86
    Alcohol 87
    Cigarettes 91
    Drugs 93
    Caffeine 94
    Food 95
    Staying Zen 104
    A healthy approach 104
    Other ‘dangerous’ activities 112
    Don’t stop moving 117
    5 Office politics: Pregnancy and your career 124
    Your rights and responsibilities 124
    Maternity leave and pay 127
    Your partner’s paternity rights 129
    Time off for antenatal care 130
    Your health and safety 130
    Coping with the commute 136
    If your boss is being a bugger 138
    Want to go back to your career? 139
    When you’re the boss 141
    6 Hit and missionary: Your pregnant love life 143
    Gagging for it or just gagging? 143
    Is he horny? Do you care?! 144
    Make sex work 146
    Bringing on labour 149
    When not to have sex 150
    Looking after your relationship 151
    7 Delivery schedule: Making plans for your baby’s arrival 153
    Where you’re going to have your baby 154
    Consultant-led hospital unit 154
    Midwife-led unit 155

    If you need an emergency caesarean 224
    After the birth 225
    10 Birth stories: Six Modern Mums recall their labour day 227
    11 Hey, baby! The first few weeks with your newborn 240
    Settling in 240
    Feeding your baby 241
    Your post-birth body 250
    Recovery after a caesarean section 258
    Your postnatal care 260
    Baby-care essentials 262
    How you’ll feel 268

    Useful contacts 273
    Index 277

    • With you through every stage of pregnancy
    • Takes you through every decision youll have to make
    • Frank and honest advice  
    • The perfect gift for expecting moms of all ages, Pregnancy: The Naked Truth is a delightfully irreverent look at the craziest nine months of your life.

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