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    Woodslane 2020 Australian Travel and Outdoor Guides

    Dad's Wishing the Rain Would Come!

    Dedicated to Aussie farmers, Dad’s Wishing The Rain Would Come is a heart-warming peek into the strain on a farming family and the animals on their farm as they wait and work tirelessly for the relief from drought. Watching clouds slowly brew on the horizon across a dry rural landscape… will the rain come? A sensitive, thought-provoking picture book that showcases a deeply important issue while sharing a family’s humble life as they go about their daily chores, hoping and waiting in anticipation for the rain to come, and the sheer elation and joy that it will bring.
    Martine Miller is farm girl by day, karate ninja by night, and a children’s book author all the way. She grew up in far north Queensland and now resides on a farm in rural New South Wales. Her passion for quality children’s literature leads to sharing her amazing collection with children during regular school reading visits throughout her local area, as well as promoting her philosophy, ‘Kids who read succeed.’ Dad’s Wishing the Rain Would Come is her debut picture book, inspired by her two children’s enthusiasm for stories and wonder for farm life (and her quirky herds of cattle!). The never-ending adventures of her children make sure that she is never lost for magical inspiration. Wauchope, NSW Fiona Levings is a Tasmanian-based mother, wife, geologist, duck-wrangling, chicken-chasing, dog walker who also writes and illustrates children’s picture books. Occasionally, she gets left alone for long enough to sneak off to her studio and work on a picture or two. Fiona works by hand using ink, brush and pen; her work can be found in her own book The Moonbow (2016) and, in her most recent design, the beautiful Hilda of The Adventures of Hilda the Witch (2018). Fiona can also fly and land airplanes, which hasn’t come in handy yet but you never know. You can follow her on Facebook @TheMoonbowStory or visit her (occasional) blog at
    * A deeply important issue along with its stunning illustrations make it a valuable addition to all readers. * A sensitive and heart-warming piece about the strain that comes with working the lands on drought affected farms across our country. * Helps children understand the link between farming and climate and what farmers and their families go through to provide the produce.

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