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    Grandpa and Tuska

    Tuska is a young elephant who loves spending time with his grandfather. And Grandpa loves spending time with him. Tuska never grows tired of Grandpa's thrilling stories about being a young elephant and thinks Grandpa is the wisest elephant he knows. But Grandpa is getting old, and what's more, he's getting forgetful and, well ... he's acting rather strangely these days!? His stories are not making sense and sometimes he doesn't even recognise the other animals. Grandpa's behaviour is making Tuska feel scared. When Grandpa goes missing, Tuska is determined to risk everything to bring him home. But who will save who? Grandpa and Tuska share one last adventure together with a surprising outcome ... The problems of old age and dementia touch many families. In Grandpa and Tuska, John Phillips has created a gentle, up-lifting story that will help children understand and cope with the difficult changes that often come with ageing loved ones.
    About the Author John Phillips is a talented and versatile author/illustrator who loves to create bright, lively illustrations full of movement and fun. John has combined his passion for entertaining story telling with his eclectic artistic talent and a decidedly ‘off centre’ sense of humour to create children’s book projects that truly shine. His own grandfather’s battle with dementia, and the increasing impact of the disease in the community, was the inspiration for Grandpa and Tuska. John Phillips lives in rural Victoria with his 12 guitars and a piano. He is a loving Pa to four little ones aged 18 months to four years old.
    A warm, hopeful story that will help young children and families dealing with the changes associated with dementia and ageing. • Stunning illustrations and important messages cleverly wrapped together in an African tale of adventure. • A humorous and exciting quest that will delight young children and create a much-loved stand-alone book. • An excellent guide for helping parents, carers and professionals introduce and open dialogue with young children on the subject of dementia.

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