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    Ben and his best friend, Bandit have decided it’s ‘NO BATHS’ week. Mum plays along but challenges them to find other ways to get clean. Will Ben and Bandit come up with a clever plan? And will they rediscover their love of having a bath? This humorous story is bursting with mess, noise, and adventure. A perfect balance of fun and chaos for anyone involved in this often loved, but sometimes dreaded, daily bath routine.

    Katrina McKelvey is a children’s author, mother of two, and a former primary school teacher. She can be found on most social media platforms - just ask Google! She loves chocolate, but doesn’t like chocolate cake. She’s left-handed but plays sport right-handed. She loves tea, but dislikes coffee. She loves cats, but now owns a puppy! Waratah, NSW.

    * A great bedtime story (after bath time of course) full of colourful illustrations.
    * A clever blend of humour, adventure, fun, noise, mess, and love.
    * Reflects a wonderful bond and friendship between a child and his/her pet.            
    * This story uses onomatopoeia which makes it noisy and fun to read aloud.
    * It incorporates a new way to explore the days of the week.
    * The main character learns through creative and sensory play using hands-on indoor and outdoor activities such as finger painting, hide-and-seek games, cooking, sandplay, mud-play, water-play, and planting/growing.
    * Blog Tour will run for 10 days. Launch event planned.  Media Plan – March 2019 ongoing 
    * There will be a mixture of author interviews, blog tours, interview and promotional giveaways.

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