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    Self Harm

    Why Teen Do It And What Parents Can Do To Help

    Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is a global mental health concern with studies conservatively indicating 10% of young people experiment with self-harm. The ways in which young people self-harm are wide and varied, and a challenge many families now have to face. It remains distressing and difficult for parents and caring adults to understand, as it seems to go against every innate instinct of self-protection and survival. In this book, award- winning speaker, author and educator Michelle Mitchell has combined her 20 years’ experience, with the latest research, interviews with experts and stories from professionals and everyday families, to give parents and  teachers fresh insights into how to prevent, understand and respond to self-harm. Full of evidence-based  strategies, this unique resource will provide parents with the facts, practical help and comfort they need.

    Michelle is an educator, author and award-winning speaker whose passion is to support families. In 2000 Michelle left teaching and founded Youth Excel, a charity which supported thousands of young people with life skills education, mentoring and psychological services. Michelle’s hands-on experience in the health and wellbeing sector have made her an engaging and sought after speaker. She lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two teenagers.

    Fills a gap in the market by providing a much-needed practical and compassionate book to support families

    Includes hope-filled interviews with nationally recognised experts, young people, parents and professionals 

    Featuring the latest research, including the new digital self-harm phenomenon.  

    A suicide prevention resource for everyday families 

    A book that provides hope and warmth when parents need it the most 

    The author is a sought-after speaker and is commencing an extensive speaking tour in 2019

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