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The New Baby's Bunny


The New Baby’s Bunny is a gentle story of a family preparing for a new baby. Nanna has welcomed each child - two brothers and a sister - with a knitted bunny, and their bunnies are introduced at the beginning of the story. All the family members then help Nanna by choosing buttons for the new bunny’s eyes. Dad’s buttons are too big, Mum’s too dark, and the brothers choose soccer ball and train buttons, bringing humour to the story. The sister, however, has chosen perfect buttons and her secret extra ribbon for the bunny gives a sweet ending to this tale of family life to be treasured.

Philippa Brown works as a GP in Sydney. Over years of interacting with children and as a mum of three, she has developed a deep love for children and children’s literature. The New Baby’s Bunny is her first published story, with many more in the pipeline. Krista is a freelance illustrator, fine artist, and art teacher who lives in Sydney with her partner and mischievous cat. She primarily uses traditional methods for her art, including watercolour, ink, and oils. Krista’s art has been featured in books, card games, exhibitions, and competitions, but most of all, she enjoys using her pictures to tell stories.

* Perfect for older children when a new baby is on the way. * Features gloriously warm illustrations that will stand out on any bookshelf. * Great as an Easter present. * Features bunnies, a popular childhood toy especially over the last few years.

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