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Dino Rap

Welcome all, young and old, to the greatest rap story ever told. An adventure for all those willing to let their hair down, stomp their feet and have good time.​ A prehistoric story with a modern, musical twist. Join three of the most famous dinosaurs as they take turns spinning rhymes in this epic rap battle that will keep you wanting more.​ A story that inspires confidence, encourages self-expression and teaches us to appreciate what makes us all individually special.​ Take it to the next level and scan the QR Code to bring the story to life, enjoy the song produced by your author, James Mellon, and his very own baby T-Rex.​ When you're ready, play the instrumental version and have a go at rapping the story with your very own. Now who wins the battle you ask? I'll let you be the judge of that.
James left his corporate 9 to 5 job in search of a better life. A life more suited to the mind of a creative genius, a life that allows his mind and creativity to flow freely. His passion for music and his desire to use his music and rhymes to connect with his little boy has motivated and driven James to create stories that are both incredibly familiar and incredibly unique. James is a student in audio engineering and a self-taught musician with a love and desire to bring joy to those around him. "Matt Howorth is a freelance British illustrator living in the north of England, specialising in character design for animation and children’s illustration. He graduated in 2015 with a First-Class Honours Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design. He has worked on multiple animation projects, including movies and cartoon TV shows. He first fell in love with drawing after watching The Little Mermaid at his grandma’s house. He spent much of his childhood covering the living room floor in crayon drawings of mermaids and sea creatures. Matt’s work has a focus on colour and shape, he likes to create designs that inspire a feeling of innocence and childhood playfulness. He isn’t precious about his linework, and usually likes imperfections in his drawing as it adds a hand-drawn quality to his digital pieces. Along with drawing and creating, he likes marine biology, period dramas, and petting the neighbourhood cats. You can see his artwork on his website and @matthoworth on Instagram.
* Encourages readers to take the role of different characters and perform the story in groups. * Story and music encourage exploration and influence self-expression. * Uses music to enhance reading experience and rhythm and rhyme to improve reading comprehension.

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