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Why Lions Roar at Lions

How animals communicate
In many stories for children, animals speak in human language. Sometimes animals and humans talk to each other, as if this were nothing out of the ordinary. In other children’s stories, humans understand the language of animals only when magic is involved. Abracadabra! Now they understand all kinds of barking and buzzing. Animals communicate with each other in many different ways. If you’re interested in knowing how animals talk, then this is the book for you.
As a child, Petra would draw and stick pictures in her own magazines, which she would then hand around to her classmates. In her teens she wrote a lot – as well as letters and diaries, she would invent stories and send them to friends by post. Although she wanted to be a photographer or graphic designer, she studied Czech literature and spent several years working as a journalist. In her free time, she travelled widely and discovered children’s books, which she wrote about in her blog. Having become tired of journalism, she took on a new challenge; now she works at a publishing house, where she thinks up stories and writes books for children. Czech Republic.
Hen Meerkat Panda Chameleon Hyena Stork Kangaroo Bear Hare Blackbird Whale Flamingo Lion Elephant Wolf
* Beautiful illustrations from Jana Kloučková Kudrnová. * Features unique communication styles of animals from around the globe. * Fantastic shared reading book. * Advertising on Australian Geographic digital platforms and in magazine.

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