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Awesome Aussie Dogs

Australia is filled to the brim with awesome dogs. From our kelpies to our collies, our shepherds to our terriers – every dog that calls Australia home is excellent. There are some dogs though, that when given the chance, are at the head of the pack. They have a special quality about them. They are legendarily loyal, the kind of dog who’ll stick by you no matter what. They are beautifully brave, willing to face danger for the sake of someone else. They’ve gone on an astounding adventure, leaving the backyard behind for some kind of caper. They’re a kind of superhero, responsible for rescuing someone in danger. They may have stood shoulder-to-knee with our soldiers in battles, or walked beside someone who needed a helping paw. In this book you’ll meet just some of the awesome dogs that call Australia home.
* Unique stories about Australia’s most loyal, brave and adventurous dogs. * Amazing illustrations by Ana Mikulic. * Great book for children or any dog lover! * Advertising on Australian Geographic digital platforms and in magazine.

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