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Brand New Brand You

How to build and maintain reputation and relevance

In Brand New Brand You Garry Browne shares over 40 years of experience in branding  in the FMCG and in the not-for-profit sector to help people take action to build and maintain their personal brand, relevance and reputation. Everyone should understand and actively manage their personal brand. Understanding the dynamics of building and maintaining a strong, positive personal brand can build self-esteem in those who don’t have it and grow personal brand recognition and relevance for those who do, to create a better positioning for themselves in personal and business life. Brand you – what and how we wish to be seen and positioned must be a creation of our own doing. It is built up over a lifetime and can take just a moment or two to lose. Your reputation is everything. Another critical aspect of a personal brand is relevance. Just like your reputation, your relevance requires active management. Everyone has a reputation whether you manage it or not. Some people are recognised but have no relevance, others have a reputation and are not relevant. So how do you remain relevant throughout your life and develop strong values and a respected reputation? And why should you care? Branded not Stranded explores these and other questions around personal branding and the intersection between reputation, recognition and relevance. 

Garry Browne, AM has extensive CEO and Chair experience across business, the not-for-profit, and education sectors. In January 2018 Garry was appointed Chairman of Stuart Alexander & Co, one of Australia’s largest privately-owned companies. Prior to this Garry led the company for over 20 years as CEO and Managing Director. A highly respected business and industry leader, Garry has a proven record of introducing and building brands through traditional and non-traditional practices such as social media; expertise in transforming organisations; and significant experience in managing cultural change and leading innovative practices. A committed philanthropist and advocate of the For-Purpose sector, his services to the community were recognised in 2014 with a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).

* Personal branding is essential in the competitive business environment we all operate in and in a world that’s overloaded with content, influencers, thought leaders and noise.
* Everyone has a reputation, not everyone is actively managing it to ensure they are recognised and have relevance and through this, impact. If you want to make a difference in your company, business, industry or the world you need to understand the key elements to ‘brand you’, how to build your brand and stay relevant over time.
* If you want to stand out from the crowd, be recognised, promoted and have influence you need to actively manage brand you to ensure you are recognised and relevant. This book will show you how and why your personal brand is the key to your success.
* Garry will be undertaking a 12 month content marketing plan, having a major launch in May 2020 and utilising Garry’s extensive links in Rotary, with UTS, the AICD, YPO, among others. Garry is using a publicist, Ro Markson.

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