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The Money Messenger

Control Your Money. Live the Life You Want.
You can’t control everything in life but you can control your money. To have a better lifestyle you don’t actually need to earn more money. You just need to use the money you earn now—in a better way. Successful money management isn’t taught in schools and often it isn’t taught at home. So, how do you learn? What if there was someone to teach what you need to know about money, so you avoid the common pitfalls of cash flow mismanagement and personal debt traps? Angela Santalia is your Money Messenger. After working in the Australian Financial Planning industry for two decades and through personal investment experience, Angela Santalia has learned a lot about money, people, and their spending habits—she’s seen what works and what doesn’t. The financial secrets and strategies shared in this book are simple to follow and suitable for all ages, whether just starting out or starting over. They are REAL. They WORK. They are TIMELESS.
Angela Santalia has over two decades of experience working in the Australian Financial Planning industry as a Financial Paraplanner (strategist) (Dip. FP). From her experience with clients and other financial planners she has learned a lot about money, people, and which spending habits do and don’t work. In her work as the Money Messenger, Angela’s mission is to increase financial literacy in everyday Australians by educating and empowering people to take control of their finances, get out of debt and use their income in better ways to create the life they want. Angela runs a thriving website, Money Messenger, which features a blog, resources, tools, videos, and more where Angela shares her money management knowledge with the public. Angela and her husband were ‘Young Investors of the Year’ Runners Up in 2017 for Your Investment Property Magazine.
* The Barefoot Investor for a younger generation. * Simple to follow financial secrets and strategies to become wealthier by making your money work for you! * A comprehensive and practical money guide for those starting out or starting over. From the school leaver just getting started with their first job and saving for a home to those navigating their 20s and 30s who want to get back on track and make better financial decisions. * Includes step by step instructions and real-life case studies to start investing to grow your wealth. * Angela has over two decades of experience working in the Australian Financial Planning industry as a Financial Paraplanner (strategist) (Dip. FP). * Ongoing promotion on The Money Messenger website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel. * Features and interviews in Money Magazine, Your Investment Property Magazine, personal finance, budgeting and lifestyle websites, blogs and social media. * Promotion within the Australian Financial Planning Industry. * Finance and lifestyle podcast promotional tour May/June including She’s on the Money—Australia’s #1 money podcast, My Millennial Money, How To Money, Australian Finance Podcast and more. * Comparable to Mindful Money by Canna Campbell (sold 7,000 copies on Bookscan since August 2019) Money School by Lacey Filipich (sold 3,000 on Bookscan since February 2020); Budgets Don’t Work (But This Does) by Melissa Browne (sold 2,900 on Bookscan since July 2020).
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