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Backyard Birdwatching

36 Australian Birds to Enjoy

Backyard Birdwatching helps to increase the environmental life skills of people of all ages and create conversation and activity around the birds in your backyard or local park. Birdwatching is easy, costs nothing and is a great discussion topic maintaining a thread from one day to the next. It is also an activity which can be activated quickly with few resources. Learn to identify 36 of Australia’s most common birds and develop your birdwatching skills while creating great memories with family and friends. Includes: Birdwatching journal prompts; Checklist for birds; Activities such as bird feeders, Memory challenge, and the Backyard Bird Quiz.

Ron Smith is a Melbourne based publicist specialising in community awareness campaigns with a history of community environmental and consumer activity over thirty years. From leading a major conservation group in the Dandenong Ranges to the development of the Victorian Government’s first water conservation campaign ‘Save Three Buckets a Day’, he has maintained a constant interest in environmental education. He trained as an art teacher and was responsible for having first aid tips included in Telephone Books and created the community awareness program for compulsory pool fencing into Victoria. He developed the concept and charter for the introduction of Victoria’s Good Samaritan Day. In 2011 he was recognised as the Victorian Volunteer of the year by Disability Sport and Recreation for his work with Limbs 4 Life amputee golfers. He is the Former Chairman of the Think Pink Breast Cancer Foundation. Bob Winters is one of Australia’s leading sustainability educators. For more than 30 years he has been working with children, schools and the community to improve their environment. Bob is the author of more than 80 environmental education and nature books. He continues to create significant environmental and sustainability curriculum materials for schools. His other major focus is as a successful nature photographer.

* Full colour guide to 36 of Australia’s most-common birds you’ll see in your backyard, the park or garden. Includes photos, stats including size, habits, what they eat and more. * Fun ideas and activities for children, parents, grandparents, school teachers and students, aged and disability carers, groups and individuals. Creates intergenerational conversation and magic moments essential in providing an active and rewarding experience for all. * Teaches you: How to identify birds; The importance of birds to our environment; Where to find birds, and more. * Great gift book for Spring and Christmas. * Includes: Birdwatching journal prompts; Checklist for birds; Activities such as bird feeders, Memory challenge, and the Backyard Bird Quiz. * Increases environmental life skills for people of all ages. * Encourages creative skills through writing and drawing activities while strengthening scientific understanding of bird species. Publicity: * Promotion with the Aussie Backyard Birds Count event (BirdLife Australia) runs 18-24 October 2021 (21.5k Twitter, 79.4k Facebook, 40.9k Instagram) * Targeted publicity with birdwatching, gardening, lifestyle and parenting organisations. * Social Media Campaign with publications and groups including Kidspot (940k Facebook followers); Kiddo and MyChild magazines. * Local and National newspapers.
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