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Quit Your Job: Own a Business

The Journey From Employee to Business Owner
Warts and all guide about taking the leap from being an employee into owning a business. Provides a framework to determine if this is the right thing for you to do. It details how to make the transition, obtain funding for your business and practical tips to make sure that you start off on the right path. A must for any aspiring entrepreneur! It makes for an entertaining read as well as a practical guide. It will be inspiration for some, sound warning bells for others. Either way it could save you thousands of dollars by learning from the experience of others. Did you know that more than 2 in 3 people have dreamed of running their own business? Have you ever wanted to own your own business? Not sure if it is right for you or maybe you just need that extra level of motivation to make it happen? Learn practical tips and techniques to help smooth the way. Avoid costly mistakes and learn from years of experience and facts. This book provides an easy to follow process to manage everything from selecting what you want to do, how to structure your business and how to finance it. A must read for any aspiring business owner. The book contains information on: * Small Business success statistics from both Australia and Internationally * Explores the different types of businesses that you can own – Start-Ups, Franchises, Not for Profit and Self Employed * Provides detailed information about either starting your own or buying an existing business * A Business Owner boot camp – to see if you are fit and ready to run a small business * Determining what path is right for you and helps you articulate your motivations in owning a business * Developing a plan to transition from being an employee to be a business owner
Phil Hopper is an experienced corporate manager who has made the transition from Employee to Business Owner a number of times. Run numerous small businesses ranging from Tech Startup, Franchise and award wining Small Business.
* High quality Australian content, written in easily digestable chapters. * Who doesn't want to Quit their job? Surveys show that over 65% of adults have considered Owning their own business. * Written by award winning Small Business Owner this motivational book addresses not only why you should own a business but also helps guide the reader as to whether it IS right for them. * Author available for signings, talks in conjunction with local Chambers of Commerce or small business groups. * Perfect gift material. A well placed copy when you are looking for that pay rise. Don't like someone at work? Know someone who is unhappy with their work? Know someone who wants to start a business? Know someone who constantly has business ideas but never puts them into action? * 3500+ linkedin followers. * Mail out campaign through Business Brokers. * PR with radio, newspaper review.

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