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Murach's ASP.NET Core MVC 2/e

This 2nd Edition of Murach’s ASP.NET Core MVC does a better job than ever of delivering the skills you need to develop websites using the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern with ASP.NET Core. If you know the basics of C#, you’ll quickly learn to code the way today’s top web professionals do. Each section features clear, beginner-friendly examples and easy-to-understand explanations that walk you through crucial skills, best practices, and helpful tips. “I’m a first-time customer who has recently purchased your ASP.NET Core MVC book, and I have to say I’m greatly impressed. [It] was actually fun from start to finish (and I've read many, many programming books before).” - Shannon Fairchild, Senior Software Developer, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Section 1 (just 5 chapters) shows how to develop responsive web apps that follow the MVC pattern so they’ll be easy to maintain as they grow and change. Then, it shows how to test and debug these apps using the debugging tools provided by Visual Studio and your browser. Section 2 builds out that set of skills to create more complex controllers, work with Razor views, handle cookies and sessions, work with model binding, validate data, and use EF Core to work with databases. Finally, section 3 presents additional skills that you can learn when you need them. Automate testing by using dependency injection and unit tests. Reduce code duplication by creating custom tag helpers and view components. Control user access to a site with ASP.NET Core Identity. Deploy a site to the cloud with Azure. And use Visual Studio Code, an increasingly popular alternative to the Visual Studio IDE. Every Murach book guarantees high quality. The complete apps show how each feature works in context. The exercises at the end of each chapter let you practice your new skills and gain valuable hands-on experience. And the distinctive “paired-pages” format is ideal for learning and reference.
Joel Murach is the oldest son of publishing pioneer Mike Murach. Joel has been writing and editing books about computer programming for over 20 years now. During that time, he has written extensively on a wide range of Java, .NET, web, and database technologies. He has had best-selling books in all of those categories! In his books, you can see his clear approach to teaching any subject. Besides being a successful author, Joel is also a very talented musician.
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