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    The Social Rebellion

    From the heights of radio and television fame, Maz Compton had it all, on paper at least. Except she couldn't work out why she was drinking a little too much and a little too often. Maz embarked on a journey in Januray 2015 to see what life was like without the attachment of alcohol at every event in her life, and what she uncovered in 31 Days was a freedom and clairty that changed the course of her life. Empowered by her transformation, enlighted by her new found clarity and with her glowing skin, Maz has set out to help anyone who feels, like she was, trapped in a cycle of mindless drinking, the opportunity to redefine their relationship with alcohol. The Social Rebellion is a book that will help people identify their drinking habits and equip them with the tools neccessary to redefine their relationship with alcohol, empowering them to make better choices and live a life of freedom from the societal norm of drinking. It's a rebellion. Will you join?
    1/The Social Rebellion comes a time when the stats on binge-drinking are rife. It offers a solution for anyone who feels they might need to redefine their drinking habits. 2/ Maz's sense of empathy is so very evident in the book, as she shares from her own journey and truth, helping readers to understand themselves better, in order to make better choices. 3/ Includes a 31-day blue print on how to live life alcohol-free for a cheeky month.
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