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Woodslane began trading in 1989, to emerge as a leader in technology, business and lifestyle publishing and distribution in Australia and New Zealand. Woodslane believes the need for information is greater now more than ever, and has risen to the challenge of anticipating the needs and supplying the demands of an information hungry market where and how they want it.

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Woodslane are an Australian owned company who have been proudly distributing books in Australia & New Zealand on behalf of local and international publishers for over 30 years. We service the traditional trade from independent bookstores, through chains, airports and department stores, as well as online retailers, specialty locations, library suppliers, schools and direct to public sales.

We are also able to supply sales and marketing only services or logistics only services as needed.

Located at 10 Apollo St Warriewood NSW, Woodslane’s free standing office and warehouse holds over 700 pallet spaces and around 30000 pick locations.

With over 2000 Australian titles plus over 20000 titles from the leading international publishers within their respective categories Woodslane can provide the products the resources and the service to help you increase your sales.

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At an increasing rate we have titles both for the educators own development as well as texts to assist for students in their chosen field of study.

Woodslane publishes between 20-40 titles per year under the Woodslane Press and Boiling Billy imprints. So if you are an author looking for a publisher then speak with us, we can publish as a book or ebook , provide publishing services and/or distribute the finished work within Australia and around the world. .