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General fiction (Children's / Teenage) [YFB]
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  • Daisy the Hungry Duck

  • Daisy the duck and her friends are always very hungry - there's never enough to eat in their stream on the farm. When they waddle off to look for food, they soon get lost. Can Daisy and the other ducks find their way home and something tasty to eat?
    A charming board book for very young children, with soft ......
  • ISBN-13: 9781782506348 (Hardback)
  • Publisher: FLORIS BOOKS
    Imprint: FLORIS BOOKS
  • Author: Dort, Evelien van
  • Price:
    AUD $17.99
  • Stock: 0 in stock
  • Local release date: 14/07/2020
  • Availability: Book will be despatched upon release.
  • Categories: General fiction (Children's / Teenage) [YFB]
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