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How Does My Garden Grow? by Author: <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong>&#39;Lovely&#39; -- The Guardian &#39;Gerda Muller&#39;s informative and interesting story makes an excellent option for kids who enjoyed her wordless seasonal board books but are old enough to want to know even more.&#39; -- Mighty Girl, book blogger &#39;Join Sophie this summer... to learn about what it takes to grow your very own garden. Discover how gardens change from season to season as plants, insects and wildlife cycle in and out of the garden. Take on chores such as planting, pruning, watering, harvesting, and cooking! From peas to bees, readers will learn the ins and outs of starting, maintaining, and enjoying a garden.&#39; -- New York Botanical Garden &#39;It&#39;s a wonderful book which my daughter loved and started reading immediately. It&#39;s colourful and educational, yet written in a very simple and easy to understand language. It is split in a few sections, each one offering interesting advice about planting your own garden and caring for it. The story is simple and a lot of kids could project themselves into the book character, Sophie.&#39; -- Green Kiddie blog &#39;If your children think they would like to have a vegetable garden this spring, How Does My Garden Grow, written and illustrated by Gerda Muller, shows how gardening can be an adventure with feasts to behold as vegetables mature and reach edible size. The story is accompanied and bordered by all sorts of instructive, labeled drawings and lists of all things gardening, very entertaining and informative.&#39; -- Vermont Country Sampler &#39;This warm story of a child&#39;s summer at her grandparents&#39; French country farm lovingly describes basic gardening techniques. As Sophie and Granddad John work together, city girl Sophie learns how to prepare a plot and then plants seeds, waters them, and watches the seedlings grow into productive plants. She helps harvest and eat the peas, radishes, and green beans that come from her garden instead of a supermarket. Fresh colours abound in the illustrations of Sophie, her grandparents, and her new friends. Creatures important to gardeners -- birds, butterflies, bees, rabbits, bats, moles, worms, slugs, snails, and grubs -- are beautifully pictured, as are the vegetables harvested throughout the summer. Sophie helps with autumn garden chores and late harvests as well as winter preparations during weekend visits. When spring comes again, Sophie creates a garden on her balcony with a friend. This combination of engaging story and gardening information will delight and teach readers.&#39; -- Frances E. Millhouser, School Library Journal &#39;The illustrations of vegetables are easy to recognise and name -- and the recipes simple and look delicious!&#39; -- Kindling, The Journal for Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Care and Education &#39;A bright book to teach children where our food comes from.&#39; -- Juno, Spring 2014</p>

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The Flower by Author: Light, John

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The Writing and Ratification of the U.S. Constitution by Author: <p>Works on the 1787 Constitutional Convention are thick on the ground and include scholarly treatments....Vile&#39;s monograph raises the question, why another account? Vile (Middle Tennessee State Univ.) hopes to provide an account that will not only enlighten contemporary audiences as to what happened and why, but just as importantly, ask readers to pay attention to the way most delegates approached the task of addressing fundamental political issues. That way involved meeting arguments with argument, a willingness to compromise, and a belief that &quot;unattainable perfection was the enemy of an attainable good&quot;--thus the subtitle, Practical Virtue in Action. Given the intransigence of contemporary politicians, a more timely justification would be hard to find. A clearly written, well-organized distillation of Vile&#39;s extensive research on the US Constitution. Summing Up: Recommended. General readers and undergraduate students. * CHOICE *<br /> The Framing of our Constitution is a story that every American ought to know by heart and John Vile&#39;s The Writing and Ratification of the U.S. Constitution tells that wonderful story very well. His emphasis on the &#39;practical virtue&#39; of the Framers is a welcome one at a time in our own political history when principle is regarded as the antithesis of compromise. -- Brannon P. Denning, Cumberland School of Law, Samford University<br /> What the United States Constitution means is a matter of legal and increasingly contentious political dispute. Often invoked in these debates are what the framers of the document intended. The Writing and Ratification of the U.S. Constitution: Practical Virtue in Action offers an excellent summary of the context for the drafting of the Constitution as well as critical examination of the drafting of the document at the Philadelphia Convention. Written by one of the leading contemporary constitutional scholars, John R. Vile demonstrates how the Framers combined scholarship and experience to produce America&#39;s Constitution. For students, faculty, and others who want to grasp what the Constitution meant to the framers, this book is an excellent first stop and essential read. -- David Schultz, Hamline University and Journal of Public Affairs Education<br /> Sober, measured, scholarly, carefully chosen language - there are the hallmarks of Professor Vile&#39;s publications on the framing of the United States Constitution. Vile&#39;s newest contribution, Writing and Ratification of the U.S. Constitution, draws from the primary documents from this period, but the author is equally at home with the wisdom of academia (political science, history, and law) and with judicial decisions expounding on the Constitution. This book is a good fit for any library reference collection and for any student starting a module or course of study in American civilization or government. Highly recommended. -- Seth Barrett Tillman, Lecturer of Law, National University of Ireland Maynooth<br /> Writing and Ratification of the United States Constitution: Practical Virtue in Action by John R. Vile is a wise and practical book of scholarship. A pleasure to read, the book provides a concise compendium of the issues and the personalities of those at the center of the central enterprise of the American experiment in self-government. Lawyers will recognize Vile&#39;s work as an accessible and well-crafted &#39;legislative history&#39; of the very foundational law of the republic, which in 1787 could scarcely be imagined. Students of history and politics will find the vivid details of intense controversies that confronted the states, its leaders and their citizens alike under the makeshift arrangement of the Articles of Confederation. What readers will not find in this important book is one grand theory or a dominant philosophy manifest in the deliberations that yielded the core Constitution. Rather, the careful tracing of the proceedings in Philadelphia beautifully confirms that there was compromise and statesmanship at every turn. The principal consideration by the delegates as a whole was to yield a more perfect union than the one they had. They could not know for certain that they had achieved that goal, but they dared to try. John Vile&#39;s book provides an understated but eloquent vindication of the pragmatism the Founders brought to their work and challenges our current generation of leaders to find such common ground once more. -- Kenneth L. Penegar, author, The Political Trial of Benjamin Franklin</p>

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The Flower by Author: Light, John

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Avventure Sulla Spiagga by Author: Light, John

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Che Cosa Cucinare? by Author: Light, John

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Lavori Occasionali by Author: Light, John

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Giocare a Casa by Author: Light, John

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E Bello Stare All'Aperto by Author: Light, John

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