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Gardening: flowers [WMPC]
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  • A Delicious Bunch

  • Growing and Cooking with Edible Flowers
  • This beautiful book shares the authors lifetime of growing, tasting and cooking with the most delicious food and flowers, both home-grown and foraged. The easy to follow organic growing guidelines and garden designs are suitable for all climates and gardening abilities. ‘A Delicious Bunch’ features a range of flowers to grace your garden and ......

  • ISBN-13: 9780646970387 (Paperback)
  • Publisher: ECOBOTANICA
    Imprint: ECOBOTANICA
  • Author: Brennan, Linda
  • Price:
    AUD $34.95
  • Stock: 35 in stock
  • Local release date: 05/10/2018
  • Availability: Order will be despatched as soon as possible.
  • Categories: General cookery & recipes [WBA]Vegetarian cookery [WBJ]Gardening: plants [WMP]Gardening: flowers [WMPC]Organic gardening [WMQF]
  • Grow your own Wedding Flowers

  • How to grow and arrange your own flowers for all special occasions
  • By growing your own wedding flowers you can add a personal element to your special occasion, while caring for the environment and saving money at the same time. Filled with gorgeous pictures, this friendly, no-nonsense book makes growing and arranging your own flowers achievable and fun. Whether you re growing for a wedding or for a birthday, ......
  • ISBN-13: 9780857842534 (Hardback)
  • Publisher: GREEN BOOKS
    Imprint: GREEN BOOKS
  • Author: Newbery, Georgie
  • Price:
    AUD $44.99
  • Stock: 13 in stock
  • Local release date: 19/01/2016
  • Availability: Order will be despatched as soon as possible.
  • Categories: Horticulture [TVS]Flower arranging & floral crafts [WFW]Weddings, wedding planners [WJW]Gardening: flowers [WMPC]
  • Legends of the Flowers

  • Our gardens are full of history and the story of flowers is a part of the story of mankind. Flowers are woven into the fabric of religion, mythology, and folklore of every land and generation. People painted them on their ancient cave walls and glorified them in myths. Since the earliest days of mankind, flowers have served as an inspiration to ......
  • ISBN-13: 9781910065839 (Paperback)
  • Publisher: UNICORN PRESS
    Imprint: UNICORN PRESS
  • Author: Hepworth, Janet
  • Price:
    AUD $29.99
  • Stock: 4 in stock
  • Local release date: 22/04/2016
  • Availability: Order will be despatched as soon as possible.
  • Categories: Gardening: flowers [WMPC]Trees, wildflowers & plants [WNP]
  • The Essential Guide To Growing Orchids In The Tropics,

  • The Essential Guide to Growing Orchids in the Tropics is the first book on orchid cultivation to be written specifically for growers in tropical countries and to include advice on growing them in tropical lowlands and highlands, wet and dry climates, and in urban environments such as on balconies and indoors. The book will appeal to all types of ......
  • ISBN-13: 9789814351393 (Paperback)
  • Author: Fatt, Chia Tet
  • Price:
    AUD $34.99
  • Stock: 0 in stock
  • Local release date: 06/04/2012
  • Availability: This book is temporarily out of stock, order will be despatched as soon as fresh stock is received.
  • Categories: Gardening: flowers [WMPC]Tropics [1QMT]
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