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Welcome to Woodslane!

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    Welcome to WOODSLANE PRESS

    Woodslane Press publish across a range of subjects and are best known as the producers of a series of over 20 walking guides, the bestselling such guides in Australia.

    Established originally as a Sydney-based business and technical publisher, Woodslane Press made a bold move in 2006 with two colour guides to the best walks in the Blue Mountains and the Sydney coastal area respectively.  Both Sydney’s Best Harbour & Coastal Walks and Blue Mountains Best Bushwalks rapidly became bestsellers, reprinting within weeks. With sales of over 100,000 copies between them they are now firm favourites with the Sydney public and have become the template for a series of over 20 walking guides to destinations right around Australia: the bestselling series of its kind. As well as these and a smaller range of supplementary outdoor guides, Woodslane Press has also recently and successfully published a number of books on Australian history, business practice and popular health.

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    Bike Rides Around Melbourne 3/e by Author: Blunden, Julia

    Add to Cart Stock: 748 in stock
    AUD 34.95 Normal terms apply

    Funeral Celebrant's Handbook by Author: Young, Barry H.

    Add to Cart Stock: 0 in stock
    AUD 49.99 Normal terms apply

    Pregnancy for Modern Girls by Author: Smith, Hollie

    Add to Cart Stock: 0 in stock
    AUD 19.95 Normal terms apply

    Smart Parenting for Safer Kids by Author: Briggs, Freda

    Add to Cart Stock: 427 in stock
    AUD 34.99 Normal terms apply

    Saying Farewell to Those We Love by Author: Young, Barry H.

    Add to Cart Stock: 922 in stock
    AUD 39.99 Normal terms apply

    Child Protection - The essential guide by Author: Briggs, Freda

    Add to Cart Stock: 413 in stock
    AUD 49.99 Normal terms apply

    Master the Art of Fidget Spinning by Author: Murray Books

    Add to Cart Stock: 248 in stock
    AUD 9.99 Normal terms apply

    Anatomy of Peace by Author: Arbinger Institute

    Add to Cart Stock: 14 in stock
    AUD 29.99 Normal terms apply

    Melbourne's Best Picnic Spots & Beaches by Author: Robinson, Rebecca

    Add to Cart Stock: 183 in stock
    AUD 29.95 Normal terms apply
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